Timber Roof Trusses Pretoria

We supply Prefabricated Timber Roof Trusses based on SANS 10160, 10163 & 10243 and connected with an accredited Engineering System's nail plates as per their design. We are one of 4 companies in SA that carry the SATAS mark of approval.


Our Timber Roof Trusses Pretoria are designed using the Engineering Software from MiTek Insdustries SA an Accredited System Members of the ITC-SA.Timber Roof Trusses are generally used for residential and light commercial structures. These trusses can span from 600mm's up to 15m's with ease. We make use of two different types of timber in our designs, SA Pine, and Biligom. SA Pine being the more aesthetically pleasing option of the two are mainly used for exposed roofs where trusses will be visible to the naked eye. Biligom is much stronger than Pine, and are therefore used as a cost effective alternate when roofs are not exposed.


Whether it is a residential or commercial project, the roof of any structure is a vital component because it protects its occupants from the outside elements. It is vital that you choose roof trusses that are suitable to your needs. Timber trusses have many advantages:

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Timber is Flexible and Versatile

Because timber trusses are compatible with other structural products, they can be linked to other trusses and components. Using timber trusses can also create large open areas – ideal for designers and architects to use creatively. Partitions can also be moved without the building's structural integrity being compromised.

It is Economical

Because timber trusses are light in weight, it's not always necessary to use heavy machinery to install. The waste generated by timber at a building site is minimal, making clean-up work less costly.


Timber is Durable and Strong

Energy Efficient.


Gives Aesthetic Freedom

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