Consider Giant Engineering, the go-to Roof Fabricator for your complex Roof Truss needs.
All our trusses carry the SATAS mark of approval. (Similar to SABS)

Specialists in prefabricated roof trusses, Giant Engineering provides this expertise to the building industry whereby the company's reputation; if you want to get something done right, send it to Giant Engineering, truly reigns supreme.

Giant Engineering has lived by its modest mission of quality through integrity, in best serving the company's growing, diversifying clientele. Today, Giant Engineering employs a staff of 23 people, adding that, while it is not a very big company, it keeps things simple by doing everything right and keeping people educated so everyone knows what is expected of them.

Quite simply, the vision of Giant Engineering is to continue growing in the truss industry, offering quality roofing solutions to its clients in the building sector, not to mention its dedication to its skilled and dynamic staff, all proficient in providing cost effective and practical roof truss solutions.